Website Web Shop Kit

Select Website Web Shop Kit if you want to:

  1. Present your company
  2. Present your products and services
  3. Receive e-mail from visitors to the website
  4. Enable ordering of products / services through the website
  5. Publish news
  6. Maintain contact with customers via e-mail marketing
  7. Independently create new pages and edit website
  8. Sell products and services - web shop



  1. Language: English
  2. Graphic design: simple, elegant design, contains a maximum 3 colors: the color of the text, links and other graphic elements
  3. Navigation - information is grouped in several ways to facilitate browsing through the site



  1. Site search box
  2. Each page can be recommended in the well-known social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  3. Web form for sending request
  4. It is possible to order products through the presentation
  5. You can publish news, edit and create new pages of presentation
  6. Send e-mail news to visitors who have opted to receive them want to
  7. Selling and receiving payments on a website - web shop



  1. Clean URLs - addresses of the pages are easy to use and people and search engines
  2. SEO - custom search pages


  1. Support for all leading web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome, Opera, Safari)


Price: 1000€